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Follow-Up Workshop

Who can Attend?

The Follow-Up Workshop is for parents, carers and others who have already attended the Makaton Levels 1 and 2 workshops.

What Do I Learn?

  • The emphasis of the Follow-Up Workshop is on understanding the needs snd communication skills set of individual Makaton Users.

  • Signs from Core Vocabulary Stages 1-4 are revised and signing tuition completes all the signs in the Makaton Core Vocabulary

  • Learners will explore additional techniques and strategies for increasing the language and communication skills of Makaton Users.

Teaching arrangements

Total teaching time for the Follow-Up Workshop is 12 hours which may be split:


  • into 2 whole days, or

  • modules as required.


It is important to know this is a 12 hour course and you must attend all sessions to complete your training.

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