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Ros Keeble Makaton Workshops

For Organisations and Groups

Many settings benefit from undertaking training as a team and I may be able to deliver a Makaton Workshop

of your choice (providing your staff meet the entry criteria) via the Zoom meeting platform or at your workplace or other venue arranged by you. Venues must be COVID secure and delegates must follow all current UK Government COVID procedures.

Please review the following courses to see which type of course you may be interested in and then either click on the button below or go to the Contact page to discuss your particular requirements including bespoke or refresher training for your team.

For Individuals

Individuals looking for Makaton training can choose any of the Workshops marked * below.
Ros usually has an ongoing programme of Makaton Workshops. Please use the contact form to register your interest in Makaton training. Scheduled courses are listed on the Makaton Website:

Basic Makaton Workshops

Taster Session

The Taster session is a customised two-hour stand-alone teaching session.

This is a short session designed for people who are interested in finding out about Makaton and deciding whether or not to attend Makaton training.

If you are not sure whether Makaton training is for you, try a Makaton Taster Session.

Level 1 workshop*

Makaton Level 1 is the starting point for anyone new to Makaton and assumes no prior knowledge. The Makaton Core Vocabulary is at the centre for everyone learning Makaton. During Makaton Level 1 you will learn 135 signs and symbols over the course of 6 hours (either one day or two half days) and be able to use Makaton in your daily interactions with people who have speech, language and communication needs. A certificate of attendance is awarded on completion of the Online Workshop evaluation.

Level 2 workshop*

The Level 2 Workshop builds on Level 1 and requires another 6 hours (1 day or 2 half days) of teaching. Level 2 covers a further 150 signs and how to implement the use of Makaton in your home or setting. Modules can be taught over one whole day or individually and learners receive a certificate of attendance on completion.

Advanced Makaton Workshops

Levels 3 & 4 Workshops*

The Level 3 & 4 Workshops are for anyone who has already attended the Makaton Levels 1 and 2, and wishing to extend their skills.

Using Makaton in Early Years

Sign, Rhyme & Story Time

Sign, Rhyme & Story Time is an informal way of learning Makaton. 

Parents/Carers attend weekly sessions (term time only) with their
pre school children.

Signing for Babies and Families

Makaton Signing for Babies and Families is a 6 week course and a fun way to learn to use Makaton with your baby or toddler. No previous knowledge of Makaton is necessary.

For more comprehensive information about Makaton training please visit: 

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