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Makaton Taster Session

Who can Attend?

The Taster session is a customised two-hour stand-alone teaching session. This short session is designed for people who are interested in finding out about Makaton and deciding whether or not to attend Makaton training.

If you are not sure whether Makaton training is for you, try a Makaton Taster Session.

What Do I Learn?

The Taster Session provides a general introduction into what Makaton is and who uses it. Within the session, there is an opportunity to learn 30 set concepts specifically chosen to provide a useful and basic vocabulary.

In addition, delegates and providers learn an additional 12 concepts appropriate to their environment or needs.

Please register your interest in a Taster Session using the contact form.

What's Next?

If, after attending this session, you are keen to learn more, you can enrol onto the Makaton Level 1 course.

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